Hey Pakistanis, say hello to Manmohan Singh!

We ain't talking...just tickled pink

A head of state goes public and says that he does not know who to talk with in the country we consider tricky business.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is clearly sounding like a lost child:

“I do not think whether we have a partner right now. I think, when General Pervez Musharraf was there (president of Pakistan), I was to ask him and he said well I am the army, I represent the armed forces, I represent the people. Now I do not know whom to deal with. It is not clear if the president is in charge of the army.”

Why would the Indian PM want to talk with the army guys? We have a chief of army staff, we have a defence minister.

And what is this about a partner? Are we discussing trade?

Asked if the Pakistani army was serious in tackling terrorism, Singh said he was not certain if the Pakistani army would take on those elements. “I think the most elemental force in Pakistan is the army. There is democracy. We would like democracy to succeed and flourish in Pakistan, but we have to recognise that the power today virtually rests with the army,” he said.

Right. He is saying that the Pak army is powerful, yet there is democracy, which he likes, but he wants to talk to the army because they are supposed to contain terrorism, which they are not serious about, and they won’t let democracy flourish. What is going on?

He says all this sitting on the CNN seat with Fareed Zakaria before his trip to the US.

It might appear to be a smart move from the Obama angle, but people at home won’t find it remotely sensible. Aren't we supposed to take a stand on terrorism? Instead we have our PM going all Red Riding Hood with the big bad wolf act.

Here is a clue:When it is time for playing diplomatic footsie, it is the politicians and bureaucrats who come to the table. You go to war with the army unless a country is under military rule.

Next, Dr. Singh will want to chat up the ISI. That might not be a bad idea since the agency works with officers as well as ‘gentlemen’.


  1. I never knew Manmohan Singh can be so naughty. Well done.

  2. He was so bad at the press conference and was mumbling. Too much importance given to this meeting

  3. Well, Kiran and KB, I guess my views are up in the new article on more...

  4. fv
    your article reflects that you have missed the point made by the honourable prime minister.
    he is not at all behaving like a lost child but pointing at the fractured power center and a powerless democracy in Pakistan...
    i am sure our prime minister is aware of all the appointments in own as well as neighboring country like defense minister or chief of army staffs..
    he is merely pointing at the fact that though democracy seems to be in place in Pakistan but its armed forces are still acting independently and are not under the total control of its elected government...
    i guess he simply knows better because he deals with them everyday...:)
    what is going on...i guess Pakistan should answer that.

  5. Mash:

    The honourable PM does not have to go public about the fractured power centre in another country which makes him say he does not know who to talk to. If he is dealing with them everyday, then he would know. The grouse here is to come across as being confused. What Pakistan does with its politics and army is its problem. It isn’t as simple as making a call and discussing it.

    But then he did say something about Balochistan, not too long ago…

    The what is going on was about is this public display of confusion. Pakistan cannot answer that.

  6. You are again missing the point FV,

    PM’s chankyian advisors made him say that to highlight the unspoken fact. Which is the fractured and unstable nature of Pakistani. Those words will provide a positive approval to the assessment of the American security establishment which is also coming to believe in the same fact. In fact, those words may also find new converts. This helps us to play on psyche of the American security establishment.

    I can imagine what the Americans in the state department must have heard Dr Singh say. “..Holy fucking god. I told ya joey. I told ya. Packeestan is a fast failin, rapidly jihadizing nation. And it has got itching bearded fingers sitting on hot nukes baby! See, even the injuns, who know them as a back of their palms are sayin it. Boy we need to fix that mess. Howdee hoo Charlie, give me the Prressssident”

    So job well done Mr Prime Minister. You have got packees on their toes by a mere interview.

  7. fv
    what appears to be a confused prime minister to you ...on the other hand appears a very polite and wise prime minister to a lot of us...he has just very politely described the powerless nature of the democracy in Pakistan and the fact that real power is being held by someone else....
    He as Head of the state has every riight to say what he feels and moreover world of diplomacy is full of many such statements...
    As PM is not at all confused coz all his actions so far have been well thought of and very very logical..i guess onus of explaining whats going on still lies with Pakistan by simply saying yes....their President is the one who makes all the decisions and rest of the democratic institutions abide by the state policy...

  8. I can't believe this. The PM is going 'uh-hh', whatever be his motivations, publicly.


    You gotta be kiddin if you think ole Mac is waiting for India mayo to be slathered on the buns to figure out that whoa, the damned Phakee lettuce is wiltin' baybeh...

    Just wait for another aid ton to land at their doorstep, so they can play around some more. Gosh, hope your turkey wasn't stuffed with maya jal :)


    So Dr Polite tells us this in a polite manner that they have a problem (and heck, they do) so he does not know who to talk to? his motive is to inform us about their status? Btw, all decisions are not taken by the president there. That is the reason they are in the state they are.

    I mentioned ISI with good reason.

    Anyhow, we disagree yet again...


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