Sunday ka Funda

Eskimo: "If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?"
Priest: "No, not if you did not know."
Eskimo: "Then why did you tell me?"

- Annie Dillard
- - -
Anyhow, here is something to do on Sunday if you are already thinking about what not to do on Monday!


  1. Dear Ms Versey

    Thank you for sharing the flow chart. I was relieved - not a single incident of logical statements, (like 'if, then or else) or loops (do while). It has all the elements of a good program, a top down flow with minimum branching, no flags, no danger of memory re-allocation or potential for incorrect declaration of variables. I was wondering if you have any background in algorithm development?

    My best to you on this Sunday

    PS: I'd like to share this bit with you, on the question regarding Hummus.


  2. FV,
    Thanks, I had a **rewed up weekend and your blog just turned this around for me ....I like the flow except that it could have a Extension . a version 2 on hinduism and specially India ...
    I have been looking out for more on the Country of Maharashtra specially with Ms Smita T... . .
    Btw I speak Hindi fluently and No marathi , will I get a Visa :)
    Imagine a sea side cafe menu in Marathi , I would want to know how they translate penne pasta In arabiata sauce with tosted Garlic to Marathi...
    Please Give Mr Modi a break as he has SWINE flu :)...and Focus on Raj...next is mandate for all Mumbaikars to add a KAR to their name ...Shahruk Khankar and Yash ChopraKar and best is Gulzarkar ...
    :)keep Walking

  3. Moonbat:

    I specialise in loops and ifs, buts and thens, so it follows that I have no background in algorithm development, though I do a mean rhythm. This was a fwd and I suppose it reveals good taste, much as my putting up a painting of Modigliani would, I guess.

    Thank you for Sunday wishes on a Tuesday. I’ll take it as delayed reception.

    PS: The clip was hilarious and I dig hummus. Thank you.


    Kosherish jaari rakhiye :)


    Hi, just forget the weekend. It’s over. Will visa upon arrival do?

    Here is a translation for your desired meal: Soniacha pastana ani Sarkozycha lasoon la agdee kadak karoon Arabancha chutney madhi thevoon taak (Take Sonia’s pasta and Sarkozy’s garlic that ahs been really toasted and dunk it in the Arab chutney).

    This will get you past the first levels :)

    Hey, I like the ‘kar’ at the end of the name…Khankar sounds so musical. And if someone lisps and pronounces my last name it would mean something else…Vertikar…do it on top!

    Thanks for the fun. You missed the tough time I had battling security, Manmohan ji and generally.


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