Sunday ka Funda

Rumi was sitting next to a pond intellectualizing over his numerous religious books - his precious possessions – when Shams Tabrez ‘happened’ to pass by, stopped and asked him, ‘what is this?’ Rumi, without looking up, egoistically said, ‘leave me alone!’ Tabrez then repeated, ‘what is this?’ Then Rumi looked up and said, ‘can’t you see I’m busy; besides, this is a knowledge of which you know nothing about!’

Tabrez then went and picked up the most valuable one of Rumi’s books and tossed it right into the waterpond, which, of course, infuriated Rumi. Rumi screamed, ‘you crazy man! look what you’ve done; my prize possession is ruined!’

Upon hearing that, Tabrez immediately reached into the pond, fetched-out the book and handed it to Rumi – completely whole and dry! Rumi, in total amazement and wonder, asked, ‘what is this?’ – to which Shams Tabrez replied, ‘this is a knowledge of which you know nothing about.’

- - -

“Outwardly, you are equal to a particle. Inwardly, you are equal to a hundred suns” -Shams Tabrez


  1. FV,
    Masterstroke one more time...this time on a Sunday when Indian cricket team made only 170 thinking about crores by selling engineoils to tubelights ....Buggers
    Coming back to Shams Tabrez...everytime I visit a shrine and I visit lots of them , driven by conviction and not for logic ...I have been trying that this time my conviction should beat my logic but hasnt done so far. All our shrines and religious places, bar shoes and have a strict dress code. I still get furious at the fact that at the place where we consider our conscience should merge with our sub conscience and compel faith to work...we still cant keep basic hygiene...barring Osho Commune and some Gurudwaras. How do we expect a spick and span conscience if the so called place of our worship is so filthy.
    Second is about dress code, whether it is head gear, knee length dress or chunri or chaddar...how does it matter at all...I am naked in front of my almighty (non descript god of any form shape or origin)..same way was i naked when i was born in front of my mother...i built this baggage here and if the dress code is stop me from getting distracted by fellow worshippers...they have got it all wrong ..one can get distracted by thinking about anything ..it can be biryanis, swiss alps and Tabu's hair....
    I am not too big a book reader, i cant keep my patience with one thought for over a week ...i always do that in bits and pieces and always jump the order....for I believe "Great Things come in small packets" like blogs :)
    I am focussing on Hasan Nisar's You tube interviews these days ..spiritual enough

  2. Manish:

    Completely agree with you but I think the nurse/doc saw you before your mother could.

    The Rumi/Tabrez dialogue shows us how even when you seek within we need some external force.

    At the Nizamuddin dargah, since I had gone without planning, I did not have my head covered. Outside the sanctum there was this guy selling aggarbattis and I lit some. He started on about how "Khuda ke darbar mein sar ko tau dhaank lo". I was so livid. I said, "Khuda ka ghar sab jagah hota hai aur unko mere sar se koi skikayat nahin hogi". Once inside, I realised I had to appease the devotees, so I just took the back end of my flannel poncho (it was winter) and pulled it over my head:)


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