Go, Modi, Go!

I will not sign a petition against Narendra Modi addressed to the 'Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia' asking His Excellency to deny him a visa. I do not care about the man and had in fact applauded the US decision to deny him a visa. In this case, he has been invited by Mr. Syavral Yasin Limpo, Governor of Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province.

The petition lists the crimes of Modi that include genocide, that resulted in several people rendered homeless and many still awaiting compensation; it mentions the criminal cases against him and several others and his ministers and police officers.

The moot point here is that he has been invited by the government. We can question the sagacity, but we cannot ask a foreign nation who it should invite. I do not believe his travels will make any difference.

How can it when our own RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said yesterday on TV:

“Why should he [Narendra Modi] apologise? He has done no wrong … I am told that the speed with which riots were controlled is commendable …”

I find the idea of an apology patronising, anyway. And I cannot figure out this portion of the petition:

The question is - Will Indonesia offer Mr. Modi that restitution, by legitimizing his record of promoting hatred and violence against the minority Muslims and Christians of Gujarat.

We, the signatories to this petition, request the genteel, peace and justice loving people of Indonesia,

There have been riots in Indonesia. The people of India are in large measure genteel and peace and justice loving too. These are the same people who have elected this man to office despite being denied justice. What kind of society is this and what kind of people are we? We prop him up for his business acumen, for economic progress, for being a great administrator.

When there is a petition asking the people of Gujarat not to vote during elections, then I shall sign it. If there is a petition pressurising the courts to follow up on the cases, then I will sign it. If Gujaratis, and this includes the big cat Muslims, refuse to do business in Gujarat because of this asmita (self-respect) bait that Modi dangles before them and they show the courage not to cow down or be opportunistic, I will sign it.

I know that one signature less won’t make a darned difference but, frankly, Modi travelling to Indonesia or the Honduras will not alter my opinion of him or legitimise him in the eyes of Indians. And that ought to be our concern.

PS: I am willing to sign a petition making an urgent plea for him to be deported somewhere.

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