Creases: Silvatein

Aansuon ka shabnam hona bekaar hai
Jab palkein hi murjha gayi

~ ~

Jhuriyon ke beech andheri si galee hai
Usey tajurba kehne se roshni nahin milti

~ ~

Ab kitne hi qisse nichod lo
Yaadein sookhi pad gayi hai

~ ~

Wahaan mauzon ne angdayee lekar sab bujha diya
Yahaan reit neend ke liye taras gayi

~ ~

Aasmaan ko fark nahin padta agar baadal bikhar jaaye
Woh tau itaraega unke beech se bhi

~ ~

Deewaron se kharosh ki awaaz aati hai
Makaan bante waqt kuchch na kuchch tau toot jaata hai

~ ~

Khushiyon ke jab parr nikal aate hai
Unke udd jaane ke aasaar bhi nazar aate hai

~ ~

Agar bistar karvaton ka hisaab rakhne lage
Na jaane kitne maayoos sapnon ka haal mile

~ ~

Aanchal ko lehra diya khidki se
Dhoop uski aaghosh mein sahara lene aa hi gayi

~ ~

Jism ko dhaank kar kapde saazish ke haqdar ban gaye
Magar kahani tau silvatoun mein chhupi hoti hai



  1. Fv,
    Jhuriyon ke beech....wah..what a thought..Bahut Khoob.:)

  2. Farzana,

    Thanks for the first voice of reason that I have read, on this topic.

    This is a case of sleaze exposing sleaze, that the sensationalism-hungry media has gleefully latched on to. Ethics are a convenient whip that people are eager to lays hands on, to target people in positions of influence or power.

    Freudian analysis leads me to conclude that flagellating N D Tiwari is people's substitute for the more painful self-flagellation that they should undergo for the secret inadmissible desires in their own hearts.

    I can lay my hands on my heart and admit that if I had a chance to do at Tiwari's age what he has been accused of, I would be delighted and proud, ethics be damned.

    I used to read your columns often when I would regularly read the afternoon papers in Mumbai. I am happy to have discovered that your views are now available on the web!

    Many thanks for sharing your views regularly and again, for being one of the few sane voices of reason in a sea of sensationalism.

  3. Mash:

    Shukriya! Jhuriyon ke beech pohunchne se pehle hi laaltein ki tayyari mein hain :)

  4. Ardil:

    There is indeed a Freudian undercurrent as also the whole social diaspora of being unconnected with needs. Thank you for being candid about it.

    Sensationalism to draw attention to an issue is fine, say in a headline (and now I am taking up for myself!) but beyond that one has to ask the tough questions.

    Glad to make the acquaintance of an old reader from the times when people could smell the newsprint.

    Thanks for the visit and your views.

    PS: You meant this comment for the post above, obviously, and not my attempt at verse!

  5. Laltein...jhurrion waalon ke jehan ka andhera dekh kar, sochte hain jawani main hee chal denge..:D

  6. Jawaani barqerar rahegi, gar andhere mein bhi raaste dhoondh lein...


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