Tweeting Tharoor Again

Come on guys, is there anyone out there calling Shashi Tharoor a jihadi apologist?

Imagine a statement like this coming from someone like you know who:

“Is all that worth it just in hope of making it difficult for a future Headley to recce? R we going 2 allow terrorists 2 make us less welcoming? 26/11 killers had no visas.”

This has been my position and that of quite a few people. Don’t know about the quite a few people, but we know what happens when I state this.

But, what are his reasons? He talks as though terrorists are spoiling the party when we had those cute pictures and sound bytes from tourists who ‘braved’ the 26/11 anniversary to be here, sat at Leopold with their beers, walked down the Gateway promenade and generally ‘challenged’ the terrorists.

Tharoor’s statement sounds a bit too smart and Obamaesque and falls straight in line with how the West thinks. Those governments may occasionally put out terror alerts, but they will make sure that they do not lose the India commercial connection. And sure enough, that is his concern: Tourism and business. He is one-dimensional in his approach, as has become clear by now.

It is our government and the opposition parties that have created the paranoia. Instead of tweeting about it, he should be discussing it with his ministers. By saying that the terrorists had no visas he is implying that our security is not up to nuff and anyone can indeed get in.

So, here’s a tweet for the minister: “Hol desntns full, Mum partng like crzy. Time 4 u to workout where Headley did n got Moksha. U cn get urs too. Hppy Nw yr n hand-on-heart sing Jana Gana Mana!”
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*Moksha is the name of the gym that Headley often visited.


  1. That's pretty lame. Tharoor has none of your islamist/pro-paki leanings. You should watch his interview with Fareed Zakaria.

    Also, he's right to an extent. What's the point of making it harder for Americans and Brits. Just deny visas to any muslim US/UK passport holder with ANY connection to Pakistan. That should do it.

  2. Your wish is their command. Pakistanis who are US citizens do not get visas unless it is business. Hah. Anything for money.

    You missed out on Nigerians. What about Saudis, Iranians, Iraqis, Somalis? Come on, you need to add these to your wish list.

    As regards Tharoor, all you know about him is an interview with Fareed Zakaria? Did he say in so many words he is 'anti Pakistan' and 'anti Islamist'? Show me the words, then we can talk. No bullshit about how he is against terrorism and killing of innocents. We can all say it and even mean it. But when one discusses something that has myriad ramifications, such simplistic feel-good stuff won't get anyone anywhere.

    Anyhow, you don't worry about him. He is holidaying in Rajasthan so could not respond to the 'brouhaha'.

  3. One more thing: why is it always pro or anti? If a Pakistani critiques aspects of her country and hails Indian democracy (and I have met such people), does it make them pro India? Even if it is, what is wrong about it? Is globalisation only about certain societies?

    I don't know what an Islamist is. Lots of time spent by people on using such terms for anything that does not fit into a neat slot.

  4. Arjun,
    There is a guy called Hassan Nisar, he is a renowned Paki Journalist , look him up on You tube. He will change your prespective on Pakistan.
    Two, I refer to Indian history per NCERT books, request you to refer to period of Mughals transition of power to East India Company, it might throw light on why terrorism will fail in current shape and form. Only point i wanna make here is even when aurangzeb lived in red fort, hindus survived (without democracy, elections,NHRC, NDTV , CNN and the works). It also created sikhism at the same time.
    Newton knew it ...there is an equal and opposite reaction. . ..this kindaa terrorism is hurting Islamic nations the most and severely huring US as well.

    Last, I have a Kazak friend (She is from Kazakistan), her name is XXXXXX Shivmardanav, she is a muslim from an islamic nation. Look at her family name which means ,devil who killed shiva so does she become anti hindu ?

    I am defending no one but generalisation dilutes logic .

  5. Manish,
    One swallow does not make a summer. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of pakis support the actions of the jihadis groups..jihadi groups created, armed and trained by the paki army. I'm sure Farzana will come up some excuse but that's just the way it is.


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