Heil Obama, the War President

The Obama administration is turning up the pressure on Pakistan to fight the Taliban inside its borders, warning that if it does not act more aggressively, the US will use considerably more force on the Pakistani side of the border to shut down Taliban attacks on US forces in Afghanistan.

Superb. The US sends its troops inside Afghanistan to help the regime to fight the Taliban.

There is fighting and US forces are killed too.

Pakistan is fighting its own Taliban.

The US is now saying it will use force to shut down those attacks on its soldiers in Afghanistan.

What are we missing here?

It is a truly duh moment.

If his troops are there to fight the Taliban, then why can they not take on the ones that come from the border?

- - -

As you already know Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize. He is set to receive it later this week. Guess what?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, “He is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize as a war President.” After the decision to send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan he will also mention it in his speech.

I have no clue what a war president is. One waging war or one waging war against war or one who has been caught in a war or one who has inherited it? Does this not reduce the very idea of the peace prize? True, precedents are there of people at war receiving the prize, but to go there and say, look, I am sending troops, however, it is all good and yet I take responsibility, so I accept this award as the war president on behalf of the American people – is this okay?

Should he be speaking on behalf of the American people at all? I know this is a hypothetical scenario. He may accept it on his own. And the American people will be left with the baby and the bathwater and those plastic duckies.


  1. fv
    Obama mama is an idiot with hypocrisy as his quilt..

    The man is a big drama which is confusing for viewers with nothig crystal clear. He is vague in every aspect. And he born to a vagabond afro man with confused genes from black and white both. and he has same confused traits in real life, he want severything and nothing at the end, he wishes to sail in both boats.....

  2. whoa....wait...Farzana is against the war on the jihadis..!!

    damn..what is this, bizzaro world?

  3. Farzana,
    Forget rest of the world - he can't even convince americans.
    A very large majority of comments clearly betrayed a single emotion - WTF ???

    A couple of comments sampled from NYT comments (community) on the news of Obama's Prize acceptance speech : (Entire set may be found here at http://community.nytimes.com/comments/www.nytimes.com/2009/12/11/world/europe/11prexy.html?sort=oldest ). Interesting, very interesting.


    Few Sampled Comments follow :
    I deserve the Nobel peace prize for sitting at home and watching TV more than Obama does. Sure, I did nothing for peace, but at least I'm not out there waging wars and authorizing people to kill other people. Having a 'war for peace' is so ridiculous it makes my head hurt.
    So Obama gets a prize, basically for not being George Bush. Meanwhile US foreign and military policy has remained essentially unchanged with the new administration, as has always been the case in US history. Isn't it nice that you can win a Nobel prize just for saying nice things, even if your words and deeds are in no way related. At least Bush was honest about his military ambitions (maybe he'll get the prize next year).
    66 percent of voters polled said the president does not deserve the Nobel prize compared to 26 percent who do, and 41 percent said the choice of Obama diminishes their image of the award. Six percent said it makes them think better of the prize and 49 percent said it makes no difference

  4. Circle:

    Obama is a pain, but I don't think his genes are confused! I mean, let us accept that different cultures and races can mix and match and produce sensible people. By pointing this out, we might end up sounding quote Ob-esque.


    If 'bizzaro' is from bizarre, then you will have to get rid of one 'z'. I know you shoot before you even have a gun in your hand, but just thought I'd do a spell check, and check in on how you're doin' :)


    Thanks for the comments from the site. Obama is in fact another George Bush. The problem is the American people do not have a say...so much for their superior democracy.

  5. Farzana,
    You said : "Obama is in fact another George Bush".

    Tragically True.


  6. Arjun,
    Farzana is not against the war on the jihadis. In fact she wants fair policies in war against terrorists. She wants Indian Government to take stern action against Hindutva Terrorists who are running training camps in Sangli, Maharashtra.


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