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Did any of you expect Kasab to tell the truth and admit to his role in the 26/11 attacks? No one did. Not even the prosecution or the judge. This was routine they had to go through and they did. Reports say that Kasab had come prepared. Of course, he would. And he did what he is best at – acting.

Do remember that he has been in prison with no access to handlers. His lawyer was forced to quit. For him to alter his statements must take a good deal of confidence or he knows that, as I have said often before, this case will be kept alive for a long time. And now with Headley and the FBI, he can take big risks. Either go down and become the lone martyr and keep the case simmering or get saved and keep the case simmering.

Simmering is the operative word. More trials. More questions. More paranoia.

He now says that it was the other terrorist who looks exactly like him behind the killings. The cops saw the bodies and unless they are badly disfigured this could be verified.

Unfortunately for us, the statements may appear like “tall claims” according to the prosecution, but he has got our law down pat.

  • His earlier confession was made due to fear
  • Witnesses can be tutored
  • Cops are not supposed to be present at the identification parade
  • Anyone could have identified him because that picture was published all over the world

He is smart. Newspaper reports are not:

The core of Kasab’s implausible story was that he had been first picked up by the “local police at Juhu Chowpatty’’. “I had a passport and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Many youth from my village in Pakistan had earlier come to Mumbai. I was roaming around, thinking of going for a movie and looking for a place to stay. The policemen saw that I was a Pakistani and took me to a police station and later handed me over to the Crime Branch,’’ he told the judge.

Why is any of this implausible? People can get picked up at Juhu Chowpatty by the cops, especially if they look aimless. He says the police saw his passport and a mobile phone. If there was a real passport and he had not yet reported himself to the nearest police station then he would get arrested.

The law says that giving false accounts cannot implicate him. But the Crime Branch knows whether there was a passport and cellphone, and the External Affairs Ministry can clearly come out with the assertion that India, like Pakistan, does not issue tourist visas to the citizens of the other country.

Of all the major issues, the judge told him that a 10-year-old girl who had been shot at CST had identified him in court. To which Kasab shot back, “She’s just a kid; whatever they tutor her to say, she will repeat in court.”

What did you expect? What did anyone expect from the final evidence?

The case is far from over.

Side lite: A few days ago a report mentioned that Kasab now eats vegetarian food and does not demand meat. The reason they say is he is now unsure whether the meat is halal. If a man can throw tantrums and make demands, he would jolly well ask how they butchered the animal.

- - -

There is fresh news about the bullet-proof jacket.

Apparently the consignment was tested in 2002 from a 100 feet range by an AK-47 rifle. The bullet pierced the jacket but got stuck nicely inside causing only a dent on the steel plate. It was given the A-okay.

As reported in the TOI:

Col (Retd) M P Choudhary, a veteran of Operation Bluestar, who later trained Mumbai Police commandos, says this is misleading. “This jacket is unlikely to have a trauma pack to absorb the power of the bullet and in that case the ribs of the man wearing it would be shattered by the impact and the shock would kill him,’’ he said. In tests by the army, this is what has happened to goats strapped with such jackets.

However, police sources say, at the time when they were purchasing the jackets, they had no idea that one day they would be used against terrorists. “When Mumbai Police issued a tender for the jackets in December 2001, gangsters were on our mind,’’ said a senior police officer.

Even if one assumes that the Police Force did not think it would have to deal with terrorists, it still leaves the question about who can use what sort of arms. Gangsters have access to the best weapons. In fact, they sell them to terrorists. Also, does one assume that while militants were infiltrating India the Mumbai cops were supposed to believe that nothing would ever happen? It need not have been an attack. It could have been an encounter. We have had riots, we have had bomb blasts.

This attitude is way too laidback. Do we have the arms? Is our strategy one of defence or offence?

And why is there such a noise by the establishment about the BP jackets now when they say that ATS chief Hemant Karkare was shot at in the neck? Talk about obsessions.

Side lite: Defence Minister A.K.Antony has reportedly reduced the troops in Jammu and Kashmir because:

“Whenever we feel the situation has improved or is improving we will further reduce the visibility and presence of the Army in the state... it is because of the presence of the army that we have been able to counter terrorism in the state.”
Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States of America, said:

“I really do believe that ‘de-tensioning’ of (Kashmir) border is absolutely critical to long term stability in that region. And it is going to take outreach on the part of both countries (India and Pakistan) ."

So, has the situation already improved or are we going to improve (de-tension) it by withdrawal of troops? Since when have the US military personnel got a say in these matters?

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On another note: Goodbye and Hello Again

The BJP, the party with a strict protocol, has changed its constitution and made place for a Chairman. L.K. Advani is now no more Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha; Sushma Swaraj takes over.

Advani will be mentor. They need him. He is the face of the BJP.

The party that has dissed everyone for pseudo-secularism will have to indulge in a bit of jugglery:

But with the leaders of Opposition in both Houses and BJP president being Brahmins, the party will have to work out its caste balance.

Here we are really talking. The BJP’s symbol, Lord Rama, was a Kshatriya. Ravana was a Brahmin.



  1. Gangsters use handguns, usually 9mm. The AK47 uses the 7.62 ammo. Going by the pictures, I doubt the jackets they wear would stop an AK at close range.

    But..that's not your agenda, is it? We know you wouldn't be talking about Karkare's jacket were it not for the fact that paki islamist terrorists were also involved in the story.

  2. FV
    I am not pointing any fingers. But it is a pattern I too have observed. Pseudo secularists and others having similar agenda, never miss the opportunity to point out caste division amongst Hindus. But both conveniently forget to point out or at least remotely mention similar divisions elsewhere - Ashrafs and Ajlafs, Deobandis and Barelvis, Arabs and non-Arabs, Persians and non-Persions etc.etc. Why is it so? What is the connection between Lord. SriRama being a kshatriya and Ravana a Brahmin? So, non-kshatriyas must not fight for a temple for a kshatriya and kshatriyas and brahmins must fight each other? Hindus must be perpetually fighting amongst themselves , lest they unite ? What is it you want to point out by mentioning the caste of Lord SriRama and Ravana? Why Pseudo secularists conveniently forget to mention the dispute between Shia and Sunnis over Babri Masjid their favorite whip to beat Hindu nationalists with ?

  3. The BP report was not prepared by me. Top cops gave it the go-ahead:

    The jacket was tested against an AK-47 assault rifle too by firing a single shot from 100 feet. The report says that the entire bullet was embedded in the jacket and had it dented the jacket’s steel plate. The panels’ remark said, “Can block bullet of AK-46 assault rifle with a slight bulge developing on the rear side of the plate. Hence, may give protection against AK-47 assault rifle.’’

    Full report here:


    - - -

    BJP leaders are trying to come to some 'balance' in castes. Quoted from the report.

    It is an issue that they are doing so when they are making the temple for Lord Ram their national priority. This little detail can be pointed out by anyone who wishes to do so, but it takes a kneejerk reaction to imagine that this is to cause Hindus to fight amongst themselves. Talk Dalit.

    Muslim divisions have been pointed out by this blogger consistently, esp to point out that there can be no pan-Islamism because there is no uniform Muslim society.

    Sunnis and Shias and the rest can fight themselves silly for all I care.

  4. FV: [i]Here we are really talking. The BJP’s symbol, Lord Rama, was a Kshatriya. Ravana was a Brahmin.[/i]

    Amit: And the people who led the movement to re-instate him in his birthplace were primarily Dalits. :)

  5. Irony: There were no Dalits then. They became a group called Dalits because...we know the story.


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