Two questions

PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has been denied a visa to visit Pakistan for an international conference in Islamabad “in view of the political turmoil in that country’’.

Is Pakistan concerned about her as a genuine Kashmiri leader, or as part of the Indian establishment, or as a sympathiser of the secessionist forces?

Why would the Taliban want to harm or kill her – what would they have against Kashmiris?

If they do so, then the bugbear of the Talibs are coming to harm ‘lesser’ folks does not hold true.

Or Pakistan under attack, literally and politically from outside forces, wants to clearly demarcate the two issues of Taliban and Kashmiri militancy. This would be parroting the US stand.

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In the oft-repeated TV clipping of (Hemant) Karkare donning a bulletproof jacket on 26/11, it can be seen that there is a large area below his neck that is not covered by the jacket. According to policemen, this is because the jacket was not worn properly; had it been strapped higher, the area under the neck would not have been left exposed.

Are we being told that the ATS chief did not know how to wear his BP vest? TOI should mention the stature of these policemen who have pointed it out. This is careless.

What has the ‘area under the neck’ got to do here when we are being given a different story of his killing? Why this constant change of versions and no reportage on the inquiry of it missing?

Any agenda here?

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  1. This Karkare's jacket is Farzana's "4000 jews were missing from the WTC". People of her ideological bent are clutching at any straw to prove that the islamist terrorists are innocent.


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