Cats and dogs

It is just a cartoon. But in a dog-eat-cat world, it really does not matter how big the cat is.

Taking it further, it can mean so many things…

The dog rides on the cat and shoots from its ‘shoulders’.

The dog wants to just assert itself.

The dog is just playing games.

The cat looks confused but why? Isn’t the dog so light?

If cats have nine lives, and the dog knows it, why worry?

- - -

Okay, on to other non four-legged matters. If interested, do go to the book blog for reader feedback and to hear my podcast...


  1. FV:

    What is it about -- cats, dogs and a rat with a gun? Too many interpretations of this toon.

  2. PS:

    You - and couple of people I know - are being too kind. I do use metaphors often, but this time it is something else and I will be honest.

    I thought the rat was a dog.

    Yes. There is a reason for their weird connectivity in my mind, but it will sound defensive, so let it be.

  3. Still haven't read the book, so the excerpts were tantalising...your voice, alas, could (should!) have been seskier.

  4. Oho...it means it is sesky...the 'er' is only for peshul occayun...

    Seriously, I have to sound 'professional'...listen to me read poetry soon. It's already recorded and stashed.

  5. Btw, the book is already at Liberty. If it has not reached the stores, it will be there by Monday.

    I will update.

  6. I have read the book and know what you are saying about baggage.Still Kamat's review is good because it gives a different side.Enjoyed the reading but you could use some other passage,so many lines to choose

  7. Looking forward to that, the poetry- will that be "peshul occayun" enough? Haven't seen the book at the stores yet, btw. Monday, you say? Update away.


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