They are no match for Musharraf

A short note on this for now.

They are planning to impeach Pervez Musharraf. So what? Bill Clinton was impeached. Did anything change? He still rocks (and rolls), mucks up his wife's chances like he always did, and gets himself a tan. Musharraf needs no tan. I am just so amused by some statements:
Asif Ali Zardari, leader of the coalition's biggest party, expressed confidence it will succeed. He called the move to seek impeachment "good news for democracy" in Pakistan.

The idiot should know that he is the biggest slap in the face of democracy. And what is he doing making such statements? The leader of a political party should just see that everyone is well fed and drunk...is he really taking his role as the "Sonia Gandhi of Pakistan" too seriously? Does he forget that he got where he is because of Benazir Bhutto's arrangement with Musharraf? Does he realise if the judiciary was truly fair it should be going after him? But no, no, Pakistanis are told they have to uphold this democracy thing... Then we hear this:
With his (Musharraf's) popularity at rock bottom and civilian political forces arrayed against him, the outlook is gloomy for the leader who pushed Pakistan into the U.S.-led war on extremist groups after the Sept. 11 attack on America.

Chuckle moment ...is his popularity low because he led the war on extremism? Then what democracy are these people talking about? And if his popularity is so low, then what are they afraid of? Oh, how can we forget, this is upholding of democracy. Even if he is impeached, he will have it good...like any officer and a gentleman would. I know people think this amounts to supporting a dictator, but I don't compare chalk with cheese. Get me a better Cheddar, then we will talk de-mockery-cy.


  1. Rubbish Zardari all you want (a very healthy pastime) but don't mix that up with the issue of Mush's impeachment.
    Musharraf has to go. Not because he is evil personified, but because around 90% of Pakistanis want him to. Mush's desperate clutching at straws makes him a pathetic figure; had he been a gentleman, as you say, he would have realized his job was done and would step down himself, having become so utterly obsolete.
    His recent scheming to stay on a little longer includes the offer of a fresh oath to the deposed judges of the Sindh High Court. How despicable. He can see that the lawyers' movement isn't making any headway and so he is trying to cause a split in their ranks. You may have liked his policies, but those days are over and the fool would do well to see he can no longer do any good. Time he called it a day and had a relaxing round of golf.

  2. FV:

    Musharraf or no Musharraf, it will make no difference to Pakistan. It is about systems in place in any society and polity. From Ayub to Zia and now to Musharraf, nothing much has changed for the better.

    The politicians need an enemy to target -- Now Musharraf is public enemy number one. After this Mian saheb might take his place.

    I differ with Mask here. If it is about 90% of Pak people, then the US should not be an ally of Pakistn. Will Mr. Zardari do that as well?

  3. Zardari isn't acting out of regard for public opinion even in this case. What the people want ought to have some weight in the minds of politicians with more moral fibre than him, and Musharraf is/was one of them. That's it.

  4. Mask:

    Don't you think I have better 'pastimes' than rubbishing Zardari?

    Musharraf wants to be impeached rather than resign, which makes him answerable to a court, and given that power is now with the other parties, he is at a disadvantage. Sure, he is banking on 'friends' within, but I do believe his need to put up a fight is valid.

    Btw, how do we know 90 per cent of the people want him to step down?


    Agree with you for the most part, but let us understand that Musharraf is nowhere like Ayub or Zia.

  5. Oh shutupshutpshutp! No politics today...I am going to remember today forever. Remember the exams I gave? Somehow or the other, the result's great. Especially Eng Lit...and even the one I spent surfing the net. =) Yay.

  6. Oh great...

    Moral of the story: surf the net and come out a winner...

    Have a fun celebration. What are you doing here?? ;)


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