Urban India is going to decide Kashmir’s fate?

The Times of India conducted a survey by Synovate India, a market research agency, among men and women in the 18 to 35 age group in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Jammu.

Here are some ‘findings’:

Should India let go of Kashmir?

No: 68%

Has Kashmir been pampered by the Centre?

Neglected: 41%

Can it ever be integrated into the mainstream?

Yes: 77%

Should India hold on to it whatever the cost?

Yes: 59%

If Kashmir secedes, it would it be…

Under greater threat: 50%

Do you see how disjointed it is?

Or just a case of “Dil ko behlaane ke liye khayal achcha hai”?


  1. FV:

    Bharam khul jaaye zaalim tere qaamat ki daraazee ka
    Agar is turra-e-pur_pech-o-KHam ka pech-o-KHam nikle

  2. The results of the pool must be hard for jihadi supporters like Farzana. We know what she thinks: that kashmir should be handed over to her country, Pakistan.

    In India, the will of the people prevails..even if it offends your islamist sentiments..

    So, if you don't like it, I'm sure the new road leads to the airport or the wagah border.

  3. An SMS poll perhaps next :D, like in the reality TV shows.

  4. Farzana, you ask too many questions.

    Anyway, I'm now getting a live feed from your blog on mine, so it's kind of fun remaining updated :)

  5. Strange poll. Just for another thought:


  6. PS:

    I am stuck for any shair...bas samajh gaye, kaafi hai....


    Nice of you to read the new road post...


    Oh, SMS polls but block all from Srinagar. Or how about making
    Srinagar a Big Boss ka ghar?


    The underlines queries were asked in the poll. But I do ask many questions. How else will I get the answers?

    Now tell me honestly what is the fun part of being updated? As you can see, I haven't written one of my vexpert series in a while...


    Thanks for the link...await more strange polls and such...


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