The Marathi Big Mac

The caption states:
AAMCHI BURGER: The McDonald’s outlet at CST sports a Marathi signboard in keeping with the MNS diktat.

Aware of how the Marathi maanus parties have been beh
aving towards immigrants, one ought to be put off.

But I also feel that we s
hould be proud of where we belong - and I know that Biharis, UPites, people from the North East and the South who have made Mumbai their home are contributing a great deal. Therefore, I am all for the Marathi signboard.

After all, the Indian version of the
Big Mac is different and caters to local tastes, so why not the name in the local language too?

Incidentally, I believe some
countries do use the logo keeping their culture and heritage in mind. I clearly recall the one in Salzburg:

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  1. Once again, I disagree with Farzana. The goon squad has no right to force people to put up signs in any language. This is just gundagiri, nothing more...like ghatis don't understand english..

    These are the same people whose kids go to Bombay Scottish and not Bal Mohan.


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