Ab ke hum bichchde tau shaayad kabhi khwaabon mein mile: Faraz Lives

There are some things you cannot pack in during interviews. (Read the full version here.) The same happened with Ahmed Faraz. Little things: I called and said, “I am Farzana” as though he was supposed to know. He did not ask “Kaun?” He gave me the directions to where he was. When? “Ab…” Now. I liked the sense of nowness, the urgency. 

He flattered, he cajoled, he looked amused as my tape-recorder went quiet and laughed aloud as I kept banging it on his table to get it started. There was curiosity. I began to see the blue of my kameez differently. It became not just an electric blue; it became something that he called luminescent. 

He got several calls. All from women. I can tell these things. His voice dropped, not as in a secret, but a whisper. Then a group of government types came in. The interview was done and I thought I should leave. He said, “I thought you will join me for lunch.”

I had to miss it, but I know what he meant when he told me, “Sometimes new people too give you the feeling that you have met them before, which makes you wonder about reincarnation.”

Some people are just reborn again and again because they never leave. He was what I have called the conscience of Pakistan. He loved it enough to criticise it and question it. His words in his own voice keep challenging…the heavens can wait…


  1. There's nothing to say.

  2. I remember how you would sometimes cut the lectures short - because girls of the Fine Arts Deptt would be piled in your car, waiting outside.

    Rest in Peace Faraz Sahib. You were perhaps the last of the great classic Urdu Ghazal school.

  3. FV:

    The last great Urdu poet is gone. It is a sad day. I read your chapter on Faraz again today. Thanks for that. May his soul RIP.

  4. A prominent magazine first wanted to carry the extract; then they said 'we only do obituaries, not extracts'. Huh? Unless you do not start with saying a person is no more with us and express anguish, does it lessen his words and one's views?

    Just thought I'd share it...and thanks for sharing with words and silence.

  5. FarZana, Each of your words relects the depth of the intellect and the temparture of emotions...this is the first time I have seen a blogger without a mask...you are a genuis just in case this hasnt come to you a million times over....unfortunatley talent is lonely ...i wish to write like a mile long piece....but my Sochgaah is a little low today ,,,,few lines by ahmed faraz that complement your....Faraz tune use mushkilon mein daal diya ,,,,zamana sahib e zar ...aur sirf shayar tu ....have a great one ,...Manish


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