Shabana Azmi ...and the drama goes on...

I have loads to say, but for now...yawn...

She is just talking because ... (more later, IF someone publishes it). The 'liberal' media is not so liberal...

And why is everyone making a noise about it and making tut-tut sounds?

Meanwhile, read about it written two years ago and reproduced right here in Ghettoes Reserved for Muslims.

And before there is the silly query, "Oh she is just jealous of her, isn't it?" let me answer.

Yes. I wish I were as good an actress as her... she is a great actress...great on screen and even better off-screen....


  1. @FV:

    She has a right to open his big mouth... and put her foot in there. Some people never learn... and media loves quotable quotes from actors (in India they are usually politicians, film stars and cricketers).

    They had Bipasha Basu on a news channel giving expert opinion after an Indian boxer reached the medal round!

  2. Being that I have been an avid admirer of her work for as long as I can remember so I will concur that she indeed is a great actress on screen - but "even better off screen", that quite honestly I don't understand.

  3. jihadi apologist farzana won't post this...

    Buying flats in Mumbai: Do certain communities face bias?

    Actor Shabana Azmi has sparked off a huge controversy by alleging that Muslims cannot buy flats in Mumbai and that the community was discriminated against. TOI decided to do a reality check. Its reporters posed as Muslim flat-buyers-Mohammed Hanif and Abdul Rashid-and called up several builders' offices and real estate agents at random, inquiring about the availability of flats. The results were by and large contrary to what Azmi alleged. Here's what we did:

    We dialled K Raheja builder (26005269) and inquired about his project on Link Road, behind D Mart, in Malad (West). An executive said booking was open and possession would be available by Diwali. Asked if they had any objection to selling flats to Muslims he replied: "Absolutely no problem sir. We don't bother about the religion of buyers. Anyone willing to pay our price is welcome.''

    RNA builders (28975659) have a project at NG Park on Shiv Vallabh Road, Rawalpada, Borivli (West). A staffer said an 850 sq ft (built-up area) flat can be had at Rs 4,800 per sq ft. He categorically stated that being a Muslim did not matter to his company. "You can come anytime to have a look at the flats,'' he added cheerfully.

    A staffer at Kalpataru Builders (28842600) said two-and-a-half BHK flats can be booked at their project in Kandivli (E) and possession will be given in May 2009. He reassured that religion was no consideration for the sale. "We have no issue selling flats to Muslims,'' he emphasised.

    At Nahar Builders' office (28470201) an assistant identified himself as Sureshbhai and initiated a smooth sales talk about their project at Chandivli Farm Road near Powai. He said flats measuring 1040 sq ft were available for at Rs 10,000 per sq ft. He was surprised when we asked if he had any reservations about selling a flat to a Muslim. "Why there should be any problem?'' he asked innocently. "You are most welcome,'' he added for good measure.

    Real estate agent Sushil Khemchand (9820800728), when contacted, said a posh flat was available on outright purchase for Rs 2.5 crore off Turner Road in Bandra (West). Measuring around 1100 sq feet, this flat-situated in an eight-year-old building-was available to people from all religions, he stated. He assured that that the housing society would have no objection to Muslims staying there.

    Estate agent Rajubhai Dayalani (9322571471) has a few flats for sale at Mayuresh Shristi, L B S Marg, in Bhandup (West). He said it was available for anywhere between Rs 44 lakh and Rs 56 lakh. Rajubhai said the flats were open for people from all communities and there was no discrimination. "Only the price mattered. Please come on Sunday to have a look,'' he said enthusiastically.

    Lokhandwala Construction (32933197) project near Worli Naka is ready for possession, and falls under the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme. Shailesh Bhai, who is promoting the project, told TOI that there was no problem being a Muslim and one could easily purchase an apartment here. The builder, Moiz Lokhandwala, was a Muslim who did not care about the religion of the buyers. Bhoomi builders (28617227) have a project at Bhoomi Valley, near Thakur Public School, in Kandivli. They too have no objections to Muslims buying properties in their projects.

    A few others, however, had some reservations .

    Windsor builders (21714617) in Thane have a project, whose possession date is December 2008. When asked whether a Muslim can buy property there, a staffer replied: "Sir, I am confused. I am not sure. I will have to check with my boss.''

    Kabra Builders (28783818) have a project at Vidya Niketan Marg, off M G Road in Goregaon (West). It is a redevelopment project and will have 2 BHK flats for possession by November 2008. Each flat measures 925 sq ft built-up area and will have proper amenities. However, Deepakbhai, who spoke to us, said that he was not sure about Muslims being accommodated here. "As it is a redeveloped property, I will have to take a no-objection from the society,'' he said and promised to get back to us soon.

  4. Ferzana Verseyji
    I have not read your article on Muslim ghettoes.. will do it some other time ... but it is rather strange that you are being critical of Shabana, who is speaking a plain truth. It is a brutal truth that Muslims are confined to their own ghettoes in almost every town. The Gujaratis, Marwaris and Brahmins are very particular about not having Muslims in their vicinity for the latter are cattle(revered by Hindus) eaters.

  5. Shabana Azmi as usual likes to make noise just to be in limelight. She is actually muslim fanatic. Like it or not, that is the truth. And most of the indians do not speak up least they be called 'non-secular'.

    I do not deny that muslims are sometimes denied accomadation in some hindu society, but the same is true when hindus go house shopping in muslim societies. Heck we even have cases of vegeterian housing societies not too keen on selling flats to people who eat meat. That is just society preferences and nothing communal about it.

    Check out societies in Jogeshwari, Bandra, Mira Road in mumbai and you will know what I mean. So it is okay for muslims to not offer flats to hindus and when same thing happen to muslims it is discrimination?

    Rot in Hell, Shabana. India need less of you. You owe an apology to all Indians.


  6. Shabana Azmi as usual likes to make noise just to be in limelight. She is actually muslim fanatic.

    So if Farzana Versey.

  7. PS:

    Lol@Bibasha...yes, few understand what I am saying and the problem is I haven't even said it!

    Her foot in her mouth is ok, but others are talking through her feet now.

    Anon 1:


    Anon 2:

    Next time post a link...I don;t like using the mouse. I don't like mice.


    Do read my article to know that I was aware of the brutal truth 2 years ago. re. not agreeing with her, some other time...

    Mumbai guy:

    I am not for any discrimination on the basis of religion, community, secular preferences for accommodation. So if a Muslim or Muslim builder does not sell to a Hindu or anyone else, I will write against that as well.

    Agreed that some societies are formed based on community lines and there are reasons, which is fine. I have touched upon this in the piece I mentioned.


    Thanks for stopping by...


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