Did V.P.Singh’s gambles pay off?

The Lonely Punter

by Farzana Versey

Countercurrents, 29 November 2008

He chose the wrong time to die. His timing was often bad. V.P.Singh, former Prime Minister of India, gave up the fight against several ailments that should have killed him 15 years ago on November 27. He was 77.

It was the wrong time because newspapers and the electronic media are covering the horrendous terrorist attacks in Mumbai. VP was not the kind to exit quietly; the Rajput in him cherished a bit of pomp and glory. To his credit, it constituted the superficial aspect, like a garment. It did not as much as scrape his skin, forget enter his soul.

As I scoured a couple of reports, the comments sections threw up the worst invectives. “He was a devil.” “The world will be better without him.” “Thank god he is dead.”

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  1. FV:

    Thank you. It was lovely to read such a thoughtful piece. I've been his admirer for a long time. It is sad that he should have been in the pantheon of Mandela and Martin Luther King, but Indian politics never accorded him that recognition.

  2. Why do you say you are not objective,this was balanced and well written

  3. PS:

    In some ways I believe that he been given that sort of recognition he might not have been what he was.

    I am surprised to receive positive feedback via email on this piece.

    - - -


    I just don't make a virtue of objectivity because I recognise and accept my biases. That does not mean I do not ever portray a balanced picture.


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