Mumbai blasts - the end is not always the end

...and it is time we woke up

Why are the Mumbai blasts being referred to as Mumbai’s 9/11? Even for this we are paying tribute and sucking up to the imperialists who hold the puppet strings of world mayhem.

Why are TV reports referring to the T-shirts of the guys whose pictures have been captured as “designer Versace”? From that distance and with the hazy images how can they be so sure those are designer and not fake? And how important is this to the investigations?

Now here is the real cruncher regarding the captured terrorist Azam Amir Kasav:

Azam who was tight-lipped initially, cracked upon seeing the mutilated body of his colleague and pleaded with the medical staff at Nair to save his life. "I do not want to die," he reportedly said. "Please put me on saline."

This is amazingly bad reporting. A 21-year-old who has the gall to stroll after shooting at the CST station, who signals his colleague after the job is done, is now pleading for his life?

If among the instructions given to them was to "kill till the last breath", he would never behave like this.

There is more:

Azam, who was at Nair hospital for nearly four hours, was taken away by the intelligence agencies in the early hours of Thursday to an unknown location after the hospital authorities had removed the bullet from his hand and declared that his condition stable. But it seems the police grilling was so intense that before he left the hospital for an undisclosed location he pleaded with the police and the medical staff to kill him. "Now, I don't want to live," he said.

Is this supposed to be a joke? These guys came fully armed, they had been planning for months, they were prepared to die and do anything because of whatever cause they believed in, and now the police grilling was getting to him?

Can someone cut out the tripe if they don’t have real information or opinions of any worth?

If Azam is this pussycat, then he does not qualify as a jihadi, a mujahideen or any of these terms. Because those guys want to become shaheed…they don’t plead with cops or get scared of being grilled. In fact, he would not have allowed himself to be caught; he would have killed himself.

Read up on how these people operate and how they are psychologically trained.

- - -

I am aware that Jews getting killed and Nariman House being under siege would make international news. It is sad that anyone died, and that includes those at this venue.

However, I would like to know why six members of a group called Zaka (acronym for Zihuy Korbanot Ason - Disaster Victim Identification) have arrived in the city and whether they will be permitted to do what they have come to - collect and arrange the body parts and blood of Jews so that they can be returned to family members and are afforded a dignified burial according to Jewish law.

This cannot be allowed under any circumstances until police investigations are completely over.

I wonder if they went to the US after 9/11 where it is said a sizeable number of Jews were in the Twin Towers.

- - -

Now, let us split Rahul Gandhi’s quote and see how I can respond:

"They think they can divide us, but this is not going to happen…”

Of course, it won’t. We are already divided. Forget the whole country, even this city is.

“they think they can scare us but this is also not going to happen…”

Of course, we are not scared, that is why even though we knew about something “spectacular” about to happen six months ago we took it coolly; they managed to plan everything meticulously. We are not scared…which is why a bunch of them held the city to ransom for 59 hours, that too by operating within confined spaces and not on the run.

“they think they can confine us to our homes but we will come out, fight and defeat them and bring progress to India.”

Of course, we will come out, fight and defeat them because we don’t do anything with the information we have beforehand. The ordinary people are out without 2000 cops tailing their VIP vehicles. They fight to survive not to prove a point. They defeat terrorism by often becoming victims.

Have some shame, Rahul. This does not bring progress to India. India will progress when it has its infrastructure in order, its people have drinking water and electricity and jobs.

Grow up. The BJP will be giving you five years by which time I should hope you will learn some things.

- - -

They say when the tragedy gets too much, there comes a time for release. You may now laugh out loud. This is part of a report (a report about men with guns, mind you) by a “former journalist” (is it any wonder that he is former?):

The best French restaurant in India is in the Taj, the Zodiac Grill. Its Camembert Dariole is a cheese cocoon, with the texture of spun silk. Its meat course is preceded by a sorbet, to wash the palate clean. The Taj knows quality and it knows service.


My turn.

Can you tell me how the presence of dry fruits gives any particular lead?

Were there dates? From which country? Almonds – Iranian or horrible American ones? Were the pistachios peeled? If not, then did the chhilkas leave any trails? Would the shape of the walnuts reveal any DNA details about the brains of the terrorists? Did they carry dried figs? They tend to get sticky, so did it hamper the operations? Finally, were any black raisins consumed? It means they had a low haemoglobin count, but since they also act as laxatives would we be able to tell what exactly transpired?

Merci, in advance, for any information.


  1. LoL ... how many bull's eyes do you want painted on your back? Just kidding.

    Accurate observations. I know you've never been in the running to win any popularity contests.

  2. FV:

    That is quite a break from the banal sameness of the innumerable media channels. I wonder why they don't invite you to any TV studios. Or is it you who doesn't accept those invitations?

    Fear, anger, hope, humour, satire... what more does one need.

  3. In US, the media has been calling the Mumbai massacre as targeted against westerns, particularly the American and the Israelis – short for Christians and Jews. Death toll includes 6 Americans and 2 Jews, the remaining, some odd 190 is body count and is mentioned as a side note to emphasize the enormity of the real tragedy, the loss of 6 Americans and 2 Jews.

  4. You may not realize it your short sharp look at events are valuable.One question I have is Nariman House was famous???Who are these jews?

  5. muslim burn churches and the secular media blamed RSS for these:

  6. Farzana,

    This is not the right way to comment on these issues. In fact, you have not even asked the right questions but you need to wait and think before you write.
    Right now I am not even sure that Indian agencies have got the story right but they have to feed the media or they will be under unbearable pressure.
    My political opinion at this time is that any false move by India or Pakistan would bring the governments downs,
    There are people who would like to do that.
    Please just calm down, collect your info for a later date and wait.

  7. I see. Now even resident Indians who pay their taxes must not comment.

    For your information, the Pakistani and American media are maligning Indian Muslims by painting them as the angry perpetrators. This is so that the heat gets off the Pakistani terrorist organization which trains with ISI Lashkar e Taiba. Pakistanis and Americans are supposed to be the wellwishers of Indian Muslims beseiged by evil Indian Hindus, right?

    So why are Americans and Pakistanis in high places maligning Indian Muslims as a whole and thereby shielding the real terrorists in Pakistan including Dawood Ibrahim?

  8. Some Anonymous said...

    ... and thereby shielding the real terrorists in Pakistan including Dawood Ibrahim?

    I thought Dawood ibrahim was an Indian, not Pakistani.

    Anyway, I really think that the various anonymous on Farzana's blog should introduce themselves. After all, what're they scared of?

    Farzana is cruel yes, but as cruel in dissecting herself as in dissecting others. That's fair. So why this cowardice?

  9. Zeemax:

    It isn't about popularity contests but on having a modicum of belief in what one says, rather than parroting what others do.

    - - -


    You have seen what is happening on TV...my one experience taught me a lot. And it taught them that I wasn't playing their game.

    - - -


    Nariman House was not famous, but like many building in the area it was known to the neighbours. These were Jews who lived in India for the last 3 years and ran some sort of guest house.

    - - -


    Have you sent off notes to media houses, websites that you frequent not to indulge in any of the thigns you accuse me of?

    I am not shouting 'I am so angry" on TV...I am commenting here on my personal blog about what I feel. You do not know that i have deleted comments that have implicated people, and that includes Hindus.

    I have asked the right questions because where I am - closer to the scene of action than most others who come here or who talk through their noses - these are the questions from sensible people who do not rush to give soundbytes.

    I have questioned the media, and not many are doing that. Will it bring down the government? Elections are on and this is already made into an issue. and this blog will talk about it. because this blog is run by an Indian living in India who is expected to0 vote.

    The info I collect will be used for a later date AS WELL.

    Anything else?

    - - -


    I will not be responding to anyone who does not sign in with a name/nick, even if posting anonymously.

  10. Important:

    I was told that my blog post 'Mumbai blasts...and careless whispers' has been reproduced with a prefixed statement:

    "Farzana Versey initially wrote that the attack was done by Hindus..waisey, someone needs to teach her about citizenship rules and tax laws. she seems to believe that she can decide who is an Indian citizen and who is not..who pays taxes and who does not..."

    I can understand the insecurity of the NRI, and what I know about taxes is based on the fact that my family and I have been paying them for several years and the constitution tells me. That is of course beyond the mind of a man who wants all Muslims dead.

    He takes a statement of mine from the post and adds his own without mentioning that the addition is his or emphasising it:

    "It is easy to put two and two together. After all, the ATS chief who was investigating that case has been killed, so have two other officers. And 14 policemen. (Hindus did it..hindus did it..)"

    Please note, he has nothing to say about the rest of the post because it does not help his POV.

    Since I use my real name and he has had the gall of being unethical, let me introduce him here as Parag Vohra, former member of ABVP, currently residing in California, USA.

    If he wishes this to be removed, I want him to issue a clarification where he put up his vicious lie.

    He obviously has been visiting this blog to notice that post. If he feigns ignorance, then whoever sent it to him can do the job. I am sure he has many well-wishers.

    I am not yet complaining to the website. I intend handling these people my way. If, for some reason his nonsense is removed, it is not because of me and his clarification will still be expected.

  11. Btw, the portions in bold have been emphasised by me.

  12. Farzana,
    I am not asking you not to comment on the situation I am just suggesting that you not discuss specifics now. Since the situation is not yet clear and there are lots of misinformation by every interested party.
    India does not have the culture of exposing the government like in the US. In the US within 3 hours of 9/11 sites were up showing holes in the official story but no one in India would dare do that.
    You are dealing with fascists and I don't see any reason for you to place yourself in the firing line.
    All the lies are going to be exposed in a very short period of time and there is no harm in waiting for that to happen.
    This is a time for the Indian state to maximize its political advantage and they trying for that now.

  13. I wouldn't comment on any of this, not being very well informed, but seriously...the one captured terrorist just happens to be a Pakistani? And somehow, despite having "a fourth-grade education" and working "as a labourer", he "speaks English fluently"? Not right.

    They called the Marriot blast Pakistan's 9/11. It is the most disgusting thing to do.

  14. HP:

    Thanks for the concern part; opinions do not constitute misinformation or even information.

    And isn't there an opinion doing the rounds that Indians, Muslims and Hindus. fight and involve others?

    I think this is absolute nonsense.
    - - -


    Several questions that need to be asked.

  15. Certain comments have addressed anonymous people by name, obviously referring to some discussion elsewhere. Those will not be posted even if they make relevant points.If you wish to see them here, then remove the references, in one case the first sentence and the last.

    Thank you.


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