New twist to Hindu-Muslim bhai-bhai

It does not surprise me. Raj Thackeray has infiltrated Muslim localities and managed to sign up more than 1,500 Muslims for primary party membership. His party flag flutters near a Masjid at Dongri, a predominantly Muslim area, and even the Shiv Sena has kept quiet. These people are being brainwashed into believing that North Indians are causing problems.

Do you think they believe in it? No. They are saving themselves. A report says it is economic survival…outsiders are taking their jobs. Rubbish. They are being bulldozed and they are going along. There is little choice. The MNS will have its quota of Muslims to flaunt; these will be a protected species till such time when they are needed.

It does not surprise me. In the past, a certain section of fairly well-placed Muslims are known to have taken mithai boxes (euphemism for money) to Bal Thackeray’s house to settle disputes. His durbar welcomed them. It wasn’t about money, but might. These gentlemen who were known and respected were going to him asking for favours. The ‘Supremo’ (what a fruitcake description) was khush.

It does not surprise me that although Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit has said the logistics for the blast were provided by hardline Hindus (big strategists, hanh?) he roped in some Muslims in Malegaon to assemble and plant the bombs. It is entirely possible. Survival, survival. Of course, to say that they got the RDX from some Kashmiri Muslims in Pune was a bit much (other evidence says so, too), but it only tells us that even the Hindutva movement cannot survive without Mussalmans.

It started way back when those sadhus went to Ayodhya in December 1992 wearing padukas (wooden sandals) designed by Muslims.

It does not surprise me because I have been saying this is all andar ki baat for some years and was accused of conspiracy theories, that too over Sea Lounge coffee. As it turns out, the froth from the cappuccino was potent.


  1. FV:

    Sab ek hi thaili ke chatte-batte hain

    Remember Kabir, Agyeya or Bachchan on the similarities among these guys.

  2. It will be interesting to draw a parallel between M. A Jinnah and Raj T, while Raj T uncle had a sore throat abusing Pakistan, how different is their ideology to the the one that M.A Jinnah had .....to Mr Jinnah's credit he had grand plans ....at least his design for the state was better ....

    Earlier they used to dig pitches during an Indian Paki match ....now they will dig pitches in a Ranjee Match between Maharashtra and Bihar .....hatred is their USP, the target is moving ....tomorrow it may be the parsis or gujjus living in mumbai ....or even us ...

    Politicians worldwide run their shop by breeding hatred and unfortunately the same people negotiate peace.....

  3. PS:

    Yes, but Muslims have still to get their quota of sadhvis...am gettign there!

    - - -


    It is NOT interesting to draw parallels. Raj T is chicken feed; Jinnah was a statesman...not a goonda. Had it not been for the ego of all our stalwarts, things would have been vastly different.

    About the Shive Sena...in their early years they have targeted the Parsis and Christians (even opening up hemlines of the women in skirts/dresses), and Gujaratis and S.Indians.

  4. Good Morning .....These days I am being used a corporate Leadership Trainer to and in my last session I was asked a question ...what is one single reason that even strong personalities fail as leader...my answer was when they start to become "gray" and they dont have a clear view on "Black" and "white"....leaders with stright jacketed thought process have a strong edge over peopel who are fence sitters ......
    Your unambigious and black and white thought process does gove your thoughts and blog a huge edge .....

  5. Aha...at last. Incidentally, one of my of columns had a bottomline that said, "FV refuses to sit on the fence"...


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