Prof Geelani and the ABVP

Watch this scene: SAR Geelani is invited to participate in a seminar on ‘Communalism, Fascism and Democracy, Rhetoric and Reality’ at Delhi University.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)’s goons – about 50 students – do what they are best at: vandalise the venue, hurl abuses and even spit on him.

Geelani had not picked up a loudspeaker and started screaming in the street corners to get people all charged up. This was within the confines of a university conference room and a serious discussion.

Instead of accepting that the behaviour of the activists was unfit in civil society, the BJP’s spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy had the gall to state, “The surcharged emotions of patriotic students can't be simply ignored”. No, these students had not listened to the seminar; they just discovered there was such an event taking place and because everyone who does not talk their language is a pseudo-secularist and terrorist-sympathiser, they landed up there and expressed their emotions.

How dare these guys call themselves patriotic? Who has given them the carte blanche to represent all of India and Indians? They are a political party’s basic instinct group.

The only concession made was that “we certainly feel that the nature of protest should be more hygienic”! So, instead of spitting (which is an Indian pastime, anyway), they would pelt stones, throw dung cakes, spray cow urine…what?

Rudy finally said, “His (S A R Geelani) association with militants can't be denied and one can simply say that he was just saved by the skin and the shroud of mistrust still prevails about him.”

Mistrust by whom? And who is associating with which militants we all know now. And he wasn’t saved by the skin. Prof. Geelani was framed on the basis of forged documents and fabricated evidence. He was proved innocent by the highest court in the land. If you talk of patriotism, then respect that. Or file a counter case like law-abiding citizens do.

Now go and teach your boys some hygiene and how to get a life.

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  1. FV:

    Thanks for posting this. Why is this guy from BJP, Prasad or whatever, not arrested for condoning and promoting civil disturbance?

    If SIMI can be banned, then ABVP should also be banned. They are in same league. It is shameful and distressing that we have to live in a country, where there is little tolerance and even lesser rule of law. Reprehensible!

    I want to see as to how many media houses, especially vernacular, will criticise this statement by the BJP or ask the PM-in-waiting Advani as to what his views on the subject are.

  2. Geelani is a typical muslim:jis thali main khata hai,usi mein chhed karta hai.ABVP did the right thing.I have seen this Geelani creature on TV.He is full of hate towards India and yet does a job and get's his salary from the indian govt.Way to go ABVP !!!

  3. PS:

    Don't expect any action against the ABVP. At best the English-speaking media will have some debate and Rudy will say the same things and make ti sound intelligent. Most of the Hindutvawadis they get for the shows are of this kind; the Muslims are the skull cap variety.

    Has the Bajrang Dal been banned?

    And then there are people who do not even realise that Prof Geelani pays tax for his salary to the GOI., and has been working for years due to his qualification. Unlike a Rudy who got his job with Indian Airlines when the NDA was in power.

  4. Geelani does not pay any taxes,anybody who has a regular job and falls withing a certain income bracket gets TDS deducted.He is not doing any favour to anybody.He shares his hatred towards India with his surnamesake(?),Syed Ali SHah Geelani.Both these Geelanis spew venom against India but duly claim their salary/pension and medical benefits from the govt.

  5. Please allow me to make a small comparison, we are dangreously graduating to a society led by perceptions ..if the court said Sanjay Dutt is guilty...no one believed ...he may be nice guy but he is guilty... period ....if the court said geelani is NOT guilty ...period ...he is not ....
    One woman called Anara Gupta slept with a canny businessman and he made a video ...and sold it ...poor thing ...whats guilt ...if she was in amsterdam , she would have been a star ....but our verdict ,,,Guilty ...
    leave teh guy alone , he has enough baggage to carry for the rest of his life ,,,everyone will use him for his own sense ...

  6. that was me btw ...manish..just in case you like the comment ...LOL

  7. Hi Manish:

    We just don't seem to respect the court decisions, and it does not mean blind acceptance...

    I did mention that these guys can file another petition challenging the court verdict, but this will not grab eyeballs or get them attention.

    - - -

    We have a financial whiz here :)

    TDS is a tax...10 % of the deductible one from your hard-earned income, which you get paid when you work. If Geelani is getting it for not working, then his employers must be questioned. Smart Joes can roll over...


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