Exhibiting Sex?

I thought we'd finally realised the importance of erotica when I read about the proposed sex museum in Mumbai.

Turns out that it will educate people about sex and sexually transmitted diseases; more importantly, about HIV and AIDS as it will have a "walk -through" to explain the new developments in the field

Some points:

* Would this qualify as a museum, since it serves no historical or aesthetic purpose? There are science museums but larger programmes being deliberated upon in them.

* Did the BMC manage to get space only in the Leprosy Hospital? This immediately puts sexuality and its resultant ailments in the category of real illnesses. I am not shunning leprosy, which needs to fight another battle for understanding. But, how are the two connected?

* What is the purpose of talking about such a museum as an attraction? Will tourists visit it to learn about the exotic Indian version of sexual diseases? Will young people truly benefit from such knowledge? Is some government organisation going to decide and will it, therefore, suffer from prudish ideas and red-tapism?

When we should be outsourcing, we don't. It would be ideal to get a business house to put up works of art, slide shows, history of sexual mores from the past to contemporary times. There could be a section on commercial sex work too since we encounter it in the street as also in cinema. It is time to face reality head-on.

It need not be salacious. This teachy preachy attitude does put people off.

The reason I mentioned private ownership is because they will display it well and there is little fear of exploitation because they are as afraid of sex mucking up their reputation. Imagine being pulled up for a sexually-loaded misintepretation!

The governmnent will anyway have the power to revoke the license.

Just let us get over this sex as education. If that is the intention, the BMC can put one of those guys selling oils and herbs to educate people about how to get rid of 'patlapan' and other weaknesses. Or they could have an astro parrot picking out cards to read out the fate of sinners.

Heck, I am making this sound interesting. No. A sex museum has got to celebrate sexuality and not make it into a malady or make a mockery of a malady that arises only partially due to sexual contact.

Show us the stuff we are made of.


  1. Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read blogs like that. By the way add more pics :)

  2. "Heck, I am making this sound interesting. No. A sex museum has got to celebrate sexuality and not make it into a malady or make a mockery of a malady that arises only partially due to sexual contact."

    FV, It is important to separate love and sex and romance from the risks associated with it in the real world. If we follow the principle of the bell curve and assume that the average person is sensible enough to do the right thing, that still leaves the people on the left side of the curve who will exhibit risky behavior with no regard or concern for the lives of others.

    That said, the way to do this right, IMO, is to have Teleserials that have clever scripts combining sexuality and its loveliness along with the risks of all that in this modern age. Hey, maybe you could write such a script ;-)

  3. FV
    Yeah, SEX museum would be a great idea where alive shows depicting actual rough sexual acts and then their consequences, including hustlers, strippers, peep shows, gay sex live shows and bisexual shows and their related STDs


  4. anonymous, why? Are you trying to equate sexual perversion with just people liking each other?

    If so, polite company precludes the possibiity of me speaking my mind to you.

  5. Anonymous, if you have the family jewels/maal, come out and insult all of us directly instead of hiding behind your curtain of stupidity.

  6. Anon:

    Yes, this blog does have all that you want and more. Pix when necessary. There is always Google for your choice...


    I was discussing a museum, not a strip club. And married people/those in committed relationships do also suffer from STDs.


    I do agree that love, sex, romance and the risks involved are different aspects. But a museum would not really educate people about the risks, just as it would not educate about how to romance in real life.

    I do not know if there is a standard "right thing". I assume you mean non-risky behaviour.

    Would tele-serials help? Do they reach the people who need to know? What about 'weak moments'? There was a film about it too called 'Ek hi bhool', and the biggest mistake in it was the film's lead actor - Jeetendra. It became all about the wife forgiving him for slipping on soap suds etc.

    A more recent film was 'Phir Milenge' on AIDS and it was quite sensitively depicted (Salman Khan-Shilpa Shetty).

    Ah, I'd love to script something more exotic/erotic...and risky in quite another manner!

  7. I love the Erotic Heritage Museum here in Las Vegas


    It is fun and sexy - plus educational!


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