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A gang rape case in Mumbai.

The victim: an American student who along with her family belonged to the Hare Krishna cult.

The rapists: Educated, well-to-do collegians.

Question: Why did the girl in her report give a description of what appears like foreplay? It is very disturbing.


Can someone tell me why in the ad asking people to vote Aamir Khan is made to mouth the words "Desh ke sabse ehem aur mahatwapoorna chunaav" (the nation's most important and decisive elections)? What makes these polls different? That companies and newspapers are event managing the way people vote? That there is money being ploughed in and they want the returns?



  1. FV,
    Sadly the rapes are given priority based on Socio Economic & Origin of Victim, even worse is the higher the socio economic standing, the more the publicity ....even in rapes ...Western woman get preference over indians ...disgusting
    You know ...I dont like all this push for voting ....just make it mandatory by law or ur election card will be cancelled or ...tax slab rate will change ...why talk sweet on it ...
    Good People choose bad politicians by not voting ...whip them :)

  2. Manish:

    To go even further, photogenic criminals get priority even if their crime is more gruesome than some others - case in point being Maria Susairaj in the Neeraj Grover murder case.

    How many rape cases in small towns and slums go unreported or are ignored. It is our tragedy.

    Re. voting, did you read my 'Maverick' column of April 1? I fall into the 'should be whipped' category! Now, is the 'criminal' permitted to choose the weapon?

    More seriously, just as No Comments is a comment, no voting is too.

  3. The elections are very important because:
    1. There is an economic crisis affecting all the world, the likes of which India has not faced before and the policies of the next government will alleviate or exacerbate the pain.
    2. Our neighbors Pakistan and Sri-lanka (and possible Bangladesh and Nepal) are in shit. If they are in trouble, not much good can come out of that for India. How to deal with these problems without being retarded? The onus is on the next government.
    3. By a fair number of accounts, the world climate is changing quite fast. Again-how to deal with this without being retarded?

    P.S. Ehem and Mehatvapoorna both mean important. So what Aamir Khan said in essence was-the nation's most important and important elections. Why don't people pay attention to what they are saying?

  4. My views have been put forth in the column I referred to in the comment above.

    You will get a government irrespective of who votes and how they vote. There will be retarded people in govt and civil society irrespective of elections.

    There is nothing earthshakingly different between important and very important and what is important ought to bloody well seek to be decisive. Why don't people give some thought to the message rather than split hairs over what an Aamir Khan put there as totem is saying?

  5. The column I was talking about is dated March 16- 'Elections and the tea party' - not April 1 as mentioned.


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