Sunday ka Funda

"Indecency, vulgarity, obscenity are strictly confined to man; he invented them. Among the higher animals there is no trace of them" - Mark Twain

Was it impulse, electoral compulsions or just playfulness that made Sanjay Dutt offer to give Mayawati a jaadu ki jhappi and pappi (magic hug and kiss)?

Whatever the reason, it is silly to file a FIR against him on charges of obscenity.

Our politicians want all the human trappings but the moment they are faced with human foibles it becomes a big issue.

Horse trading is obscene but our netas will be at it very soon. No FIRs; it will be termed 'coming together of like-minded people'. The orgy of power politics.


  1. The tree resembles a feminine figure. I think the Hindus haven't discovered it until now. Otherwise,they would have started worshipping it by now.

  2. Anon,
    This is the most enlightened forum on real socio, religious and human issues by far ...please do me favour ...comment responsibly..to be honest , thats plain and simple bull to say ...see art as art and no more .....

  3. Another Anon21/04/2009, 09:50

    Manish ...
    Do you seriously, but seriously think that art is just for art's sake? That it doesn't have roots, and branches that extend beyond its trunk ...just like the tree. "L'art pour l'art" is a prepressive concept, an insult to art and those who practice it. Please revise your thought and do come back and tell us that you really didn't meant it. I have great respect for this blog and for those who are deemed fit to comment, which includes you.

  4. Thanks Manish.

    When I first read Anon's comment, I had a one word response: Duh? What has that tree got to do with the post?

    Anyway, I now realise that some people respect this blog enough to commend those deemed fit to comment.

    I just don't let some comments through because I have to live up to the epithet of being "condescending". Occupational hazard...


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