The media hierarchy - who gets to say what and other crap

This news would not have bothered me, except that the discussion has been brought up on my blog as well. How many people have ticked off PM Manmohan Singh for asking for the US president’s autograph? And then how many have dissed a television reporter for a banter with Barack Obama?

Since it is being reported in the blog world as well as some sections of the media, there is reason to raise some questions. One bloke even said that he had not commented thus far because he thought he might give a fellow scribe her moment of glory. Ooh, how considerate!

The IANS story mentions:

A young Indian reporter was "walking on air" after being treated to a bit of the old Obama magic at the end of the G20 summit here Thursday.

So what? If it was not important at all, then why even bother to report it? They are flashing her ‘before Obama’ and ‘after Obama’ pictures, for god’s sake, and linking the video clip!

Did anyone diss Neeta Ambani when she talked about the Obama charm and how he remembered to address her by name, which was pinned on her lapel anyway? What about those groupie NRIs who were behaving like lapdogs during the pre-election rallies? What about Hollywood celebrities who were singing paeans about “change”?

We always tend to pick on the soft targets.

The report is by a senior journalist and this is how he goes about it:

When Obama picked her out of nowhere, Ghuman asked how his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went, and whether the two had discussed Pakistan and terrorism.

What the hell does “picked her out of nowhere” mean? She was a part of the press conference where 2500 journalists were present. Is there an element of jealousy here that she was chosen? If so, then it is Obama’s problem, not hers. These fat cats always want to be the first among equals. And please note her question – it is about his meeting with the PM and whether they discussed Pakistan and terrorism.

Why did Obama choose to reduce it to the level of banter (”I am only teasing you”)?

The reporter has every right to say she is proud of our PM, if indeed she is, if the subject of her interview does his patronising act; the report mentions that this was his first meeting with Dr. Singh. So, was Obama walking on air when he skirted the question she posed him and decided to salivate over our PM?

"I think he's a very wise and decent man. And he's done a wonderful job of guiding India, even prior to being prime minister, along a path of extraordinary economic growth that is a marvel, I think, for all the world," Obama said.

I hold no brief for this reporter; I have watched the channel she represents maybe about five or six times. But let us not get all holier-than-thou and give this issue our self-righteous treatment.

The fawning over Obama was visible ever since he became the candidate. And at his inauguration there was a poem “Praise Song for the Day,” written and recited by Elizabeth Alexander.

And those who are talking about being professional please watch some of the seniors in action. Damn, they dress up specially for their interviews with foreigners and make it seem like it is the best thing to have happened to them.

Some TV reporter climbs up a tree to get a scoop on the Abhishek Bachchan wedding; where is the self-respect?

Does anyone question the presence of hi-fi society writers at sponsored events when they would run down a junior reporter for being there? Hey, one of these divas, who did not get the treacle treatment she expected, had the gumption to even say that the journalists who she had invited were sponging on her husband’s expensive whiskey. What do these creatures themselves do when they attend yacht parties and other shit? Oh, I forgot, they go as legitimate saath phere liye hue arm candies.

Senior columnists go ga-ga over a little trot on the ramp by Naomi Campbell while running down our own models.

Where are the bloggers and commentators when it is time to pull up these media hypocrites?

Nuff said.


  1. watch 'undie TV' 'journalist',Nidhi Razdan giggling away like a school girl when her one of her favourite politicians,Omar Abdullah,talks about the other,Rahul Baba, being ready for being the PM.Frankly,the two main english channels have a bunch of worthless newsreaders,posing as senior journalists....

  2. http://punditkitchen.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/political-pictures-jon-stewart-journalist-appalled.jpg

  3. This is news only for big city people.You have criticized the media most but this time you are correct to take their side.Why no one talks about other sychophants??

  4. Anon:

    Yup. And they do play up their favourites.


    I am looking for deeper meanings re. the link!


    Talking on the media, the big ones, is not something you can write home about, because you will be sent packing home. I know!

  5. No deeper meaning. That pic is an apt commentary on the state of world media where a host of a comedy show emerges as the most hard-hitting journalist. That's why I didn't mind Obama's 'magic' treatment..

    What's exactly the job profile of these reporters who are sent to cover such events? Are they sent there so that the TV channels employing them can gloat that they got exclusive tete-e-tete with some international celebrity? Would it have made a slightest difference if she was not chosen by Obama and if that rhetorical question about Pak-sponsored terrorism was not asked?

    Rhetorical questions are asked at such press conferences and rhetorical answers supplied. If I want to know about the deeper agenda of the summit or what transpired between the closed doors, I'm more likely to get my answers from some astute blogger rather than the airheads employed by TOI to cover such events.

    Regarding the other names you have mentioned - neeta ambani, groupie NRI's, hollywood celebrites etc, I agree they shouldn't be spared..

  6. Things have changed drastically and the electronic media rules. In fact, there is such a supercilious attitude. The same applies to young newspaper reporters. I think it is disgusting that any journalist can claim to be friends with people, which is par for the course now.

    Re. rhetorical questions, both the scribe and the organsiation/celeb want it that way.

    What more can I say...check out the following links:

    The first one is important; the second is just a personal experience. There is a third, but it is way too long and just about me, so I won't shove it down your throat!




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