Trick or treat?

Old BJP dirty tricks at work again.

Arun Shourie suggested that it could be Modi’s turn to be projected as BJP’s prime ministerial nominee after L K Advani as he said, “You have an opportunity to elect the PM not only this time but in the next polls also.”

What is this – some sale where you are offering warrantee?

And this goes against what L.K.Advani has been ranting about:

Advani said if more and more aspirants from the ranks of UPA are staking claims to prime ministership today, it is only because the PM’s post stands “devalued”.

If they are talking about GenNext saffron leaders, then they have no business to talk against Rahul Gandhi and company. Yes, that is dynasty. But people also inherit ideologies and the vile ways of their seniors. That too is a legacy.

- - -

I watched the Priyanka Gandhi interview and have to admit I was charmed by her philosophical take on herself, her ‘forgiveness’ of Nalini, her father’s killer, her little insights into the family.

I was a bit upset that the interviewer, Barkha Dutt, asked her how she was so proficient in Hindi. What does this mean? You can ask this to Sonia Gandhi. Why should Priyanka not be fluent in Hindi? Her grandfather was from Allahabad and UP has been the family’s stomping ground; she was raised in Delhi and Hindi is the second language even in what we call English-medium schools. Huh, what was that query about and why?

Priyanka also said with absolute certainty that she will not join ministerial politics (she did not deny being political because that was what she has been surrounded by).

However, I could not help but notice that she kept plugging her brother Rahul bigtime. He is more outgoing, he is the visionary, he does not suffer fools, he knows exactly what he wants…and so on...

Now if only he knew what the junta wants and did not tell us how proud he is of the poor and other silly things, we might believe her.

- - -

Who are they trying to fool? And if they are not fooling then we truly live in some horrible times. A gangster can call up a politician and ask him to tell the general secretary of his party not to campaign?

This is what Amar Singh of the Samajwadi Party said:

“Chhota Rajan spoke to me politely and requested that Sanjay (who is also an SP general secretary) should not campaign for Azmi. He also claimed that he was a friend of Gurudas Kamat, the Congress nominee in Mumbai North-West.’’

If the call was from an unknown number and the fellow gave him a different name, how does he know it is the gangster? And for someone who has been in a few telephone scams, why did he not record the conversation?

Then he goes on this moping binge:

“When Sanjay and I landed in Mumbai on Thursday night, we found no securitymen around even though I am entitled to Z-plus cover. I immediately contacted chief minister Ashok Chavan who asked me to make an application in writing. Since I did not want Sanjay to be felled by the underworld I advised him not to campaign for Azmi.’’

This is not even funny. Sanjay has to report for shootings? Sanjay does not want to hurt his sister? Sanjay’s background is indeed getting in the way of certain vote banks? Out with it…


  1. kamat involved with underworld ???? voters beware congress is going to dogs

  2. Shourie is always shrewd and plays one against other.Good that your prophesy will not come true!!Amar Singh is attention getter and will do anything for publicity

  3. Anon:

    Is Amar Singh Moses?


    True. True but my career as Nostradamus goes pfft!). True.


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