Ask the vexpert - 16

Question: I am a 30-year-old man. I ride a bike, covering approximately 30 km per day. Will this affect my sex life?

Sexpert: No, it will not affect your sex life. However, there are reports that the sperm count can reduce. Check your sperm count with a reliable pathologist.

Me: Of course, it will if you tell your partner about it. I mean, 30 kms a day astride a throbbing machine could make her expectations rise. Also, you might start behaving weirdly, imagining bumps, trying to overtake (if you follow rules then only from the left), stopping with a jerk and then trying to restart with a pedal push.

Will it affect your sperm count? Depends on how the sperms ride. If they are cautious, then fine. If they are reckless, then of course there will be fatal accidents.

- - -

Question: I am 27 years old. I have the following questions. 1) Why is Viagra taken? 2) What is the best age for men to father a child? 3) What is the right age to start a family?

Sexpert: 1)Viagra is for better erection (when a man suffers from erectile dysfunction). 2) A man can father a child the day he starts passing sperms and the woman starts experiencing menstruation. However, parenting involves much more — a stable home, income, the right facilities to bring up a child, etc. 3) Around 27 through the 30s would be a good age to start a family.

Me: 1. Viagra is taken when your partner expresses a desire for a blue diamond. That’s what the pill is shaped like.

2. The best age for a man to father a child is when he grows up, which is like never. But for the sake of perpetuating the race, when he can slip off his condom after having learned to slip it on.

3. What is the right age to start a family? So strange. Should one assume that the child you will father will not be your legal partner’s? Or are you looking for a brood to complete the family? Just follow the steps mentioned, except that you should take breaks and slip on the prophylactic occasionally lest you lose practice. You will need it when you are done with Family Inc.


  1. Surprising Zero comments on this topic ....I thought this was a favourite spot .....so let me brush a few feathers ....
    If Bikes reduced fertility, all our horse riding ancestors had no impact .....on the contrary in fact...
    Viagra is to men what lipstick is to women ....you can do without but reality is hard to face ........
    You can father when you are rich and emotionally strong ....kids are expensive and take a huge emotional toll....trust me

  2. This may be the favourite spot but rarely commented on except a couple of people!

    Your observation about horse riding ancestors is true but both beasts are warm blooded...

    Viagra like lipstick? Hmm...mere cosmetic?


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