Now, a fatwa to vote!

Can I vote for a drunkard? No, that's not my query. I'd be happy to recommend at least a nice after dinner liquer to erase the taste of kebabs from the palate.

This important question, among others regarding how to cast your vote that won't go against the Shariah, was apparently asked by some Muslims. I do not know how true it must be for one has never heard of such a thing before. But the Darul ul Uloom got its opportunity to issue one more fatwa.

This time it is to vote and for democracy. Which is such a dictatorial thing to do. Getting that ink dot is "as important as a testimony or a witness is in Islam", they said.

Then, the faithful are told that they cannot judge Indian democracy according to Quranic or Hadith principles.

Now, this is wonderful except that by issuing this edict and other past ones they are, and have been, going against their own sage advice.

It has got them brownie points and people will go, "Oh, this is the much-needed reform Muslim society needs." The Darul ul Uloom fellows will be seen as 'leaders'. One more joke.

Who knows this fatwa must have been prompted by some candidate who likes to wash down his rogan josh with Scotch?

I'd say lage raho miyan bhai, but please leave the ordinary Muslim alone to decide whether they want a drunkard, a womaniser or a Sufi high on hash.


  1. People should be educated about fatwa,everyone misunderstands.One thing I want to know is why you mind if others will say good things about muslims

  2. You Muslims will stay backward even if you drink wine,so don't take sides.You are a closet jehadi like Roy

  3. FV,
    I guess the fatwas are going in the right direction , if common sense prevails ...fatwas will be about asking people to send their children to school (not just madarsas) (girls specially)....pursuit theur creative dreams .......encourage sports .......May be they will go that way ....

  4. KB:

    Forget others, I have a problem if Muslims say nice things about Muslims as Muslims. It has to be an individual thing...


    We are trying to be really backward so we can kick some ass. Not a closet jihadi like anyone..quite uniquely open. If one were in the closet, how did you have access?


    Well-intentioned though your thoughts are, how can you assume only Muslim children, esp girls, are pushed into religious education? These fatwas are issued by mullahs, for god's sake...and these are issues of poverty more than anything else.


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