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Why no comments? Because the news reports are self-explanatory. Because I am tired of repeating myself. Because how the hell can we trust the CBI and other organisations that keep changing their tune all the time? They are not like witnesses that alter their stand due to pressure or when they turn approvers or dissenters. Okay, this was a sort of comment.

Tytler case (1984-2009)

CBI director Ashwani Kumar overruled the opinion of senior officers on the issue of a clean chit to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case, sources said.

The joint director and a DIG of the agency recommended that there was a strong case of murder, rioting and damage to property against the leader in the Bara Hindu Rao riots where a number of Sikhs were killed by a mob allegedly incited by Tytler.

Modi case (2002-2009)

One headline read, “Probe Modi’s role in Gujarat carnage”.

I am tired of reading these headlines sporadically for the past seven years.

The current move is in response to Jakia Nasim Ahsan Hussain Jafri’s affidavit. She is the widow of ex-Congress MP Ahsan Jafri, who was killed by a mob at Gulbarg Society. Her charges are:

“The constitutionally elected head of the state (is) responsible for fundamental rights, right to life and property of all citizens regardless of caste, community and gender. Alleged to be the architect of a criminal conspiracy to subvert constitutional governance and the rule of law; unleash unlawful and illegal practices during the mass carnage and thereafter protecting the accused who played a direct as well as indirect role and abetted commission of the crime.”

I am sorry to say nothing will happen. Modi will win by a huge margin.

Picture imperfect, in more ways than one:

L.K.Advaniji, it should be sar pe topi haath mein resham ka rumaal, but the Gandhinagar messiah won’t wear a Gandhi topi and the rumaal would be too mulayam for his taste, so it goes to his head. Or is it a metaphor for ‘logoun ko topi pehna liya’?


  1. FV,
    Allow me to bring in a slightly different perspective, all so called big leaders today have a "riot" in their background. Congress fooled the whole world by building a smoke screen in 1984 riots ,Modi replicated this in 2002.... HKL Bhagat had no cases ...Jagadish Tytler was a minister after the riots and Sajjan's Kumar kicked CBI folks from his area and burnt their cars...his brother is candidate even today ...That being said ...Modi has understood the Congress game and using the same against them .
    I am also not sure why only Gujrat and 1984 ...1993 Mumbai riots , Shiv sena Gained power soon after...Akali Dal is in business after supporting Punjab Militancy....Mr Abdullah Grand ......all of them ......Moral of the story , Riots and Violence brings power to Politicians ...mathematical correlation is proven ..I guess the politicians to watch out for Raj Thackeray , Varun Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee (nandigram)....
    Not sure if this makes sense .,......
    BTW , my spelling haven't improved, this new Croma has a spell check ...yahoo :)

  2. Manish:

    Good observations. Riots, like wars, are instigated for power. Almost all have political blessings.

    Btw, Mamata and Sonia are now going nasty on the Left...I say, everything is a temporary affair here.

    Spell checking ko chhodo so long as the mesage comes through...


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