The way we are - 2

I had been saying for months that the BJP would come to power; I had not anticipated this Third and Fourth front business. Now, it looks like the tide can turn anyway. And we can even have Mayawati as PM.

Will her colleagues let her get away with it? Unlikely.

- - -

I don’t like the BJP or any political party with a religious mindset. However, the only thing that can be said is that L. K. Advani is at least going out and fighting the elections.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not. He and his wife went to vote in Assam, which is his ‘get into power’ home. Here they are awaiting their turn. MS looks like a waxwork at the local version of Madame Tussaud’s:

- - -

Clinging to power seems such an attractive proposition that even a one-time socialist like George Fernandes, denied a ticket by his own party, has gone ahead to contest as an independent from Muzaffarpur. His agenda:

“Please support me. Give me your vote and support for the last time as I am old and near my end. I want to breathe my last as your representative.”

We might brand this emotional blackmail, which it is. But, I feel sorry for the downfall of one who had a most interesting career, whatever be the merits of some of his actions and stands.

- - -

These two are voters from the IT capital of India – Bangalore. To such ridiculous lengths we will go to show that we are a multi-hued society that we bring in these figures. It looks stage-managed to me:

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