Tandoori fights: Varun and Kasab

I don’t know who is worse. Seriously.

Both are losing their mental balance.

Varun Gandhi is upset:

"In our country, Varun Gandhi is jailed under the NSA and was having 'lauki' (bottle gourd) in Etah jail but Kasab is treated with 'tandoori chicken' inside the jail."

He added that he likes lauki and is a vegetarian. So, what is his problem? If he wanted something more elaborate, he should have stayed back longer. I am sure his mummy would make some demands.

Right now, since she is dead against dead animals, she has been tutoring her son about dying political parties. This is like a ghost talking about the living:

"I won't comment against Congress as it was breathing its last, my mother had told me that I should not say anything bad against people who are on their deathbed".

- - -

Ajmal Amir Kasab has asked the court for toothpaste, ittar (perfume), Urdu newspapers.

If he can get a private lawyer, then these should not be a problem. If he has dental problems then there will be undue delay; he already gets the news from his lawyer, so not much is hidden... most of it is anyway about him…as for the ittar, I think it might reveal more about the details of the attack depending on which fragrance he chooses.

He also wants to walk outside his barrack:

Humarein barrack ke samne vaale baramdein mein kuch der ghumne ko chhoda jaaye. Iske liye unko fikar karneki zaroorat nahin kyun ke woh baramdein chaaron taraf se bandh hai (allow me to stroll in the verandah opposite my barrack. Security personnel should not have a problem as the special cell is completely closed).”

This guy sure knows his way around, in more ways than one. His reason for this walk is that he would lose his mental balance if they did not permit him. Ah, now his lawyer can, if they are not allowed, plead insanity for his client.

- - -

Today, I overslept as the next phase of voting happened around me.

I looked at the papers. I was glad I had a dream, instead.

For the rest, this was thrust down their throats under the guise of ‘Awareness drive’:

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