Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh

There are people who are flashing your credentials around – your degrees, your achievements, your genial nature.

While it is perfectly fine for anyone to take sides, you are even worse than Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. That man has no degrees to flaunt, no nothing. When he called Sarah Palin gorgeous there was an uproar.

You attend an international meet and are supposed to represent India. What do you go and do? You sit with President Barack Obama, a newbie, and ask him to sign an autograph for your daughter!

It might be pointed out that you are not a young father with a kindergarten-going child. That too would be inexcusable, although a trifle charming in certain circles.

Here, you are being touted as Prime Ministerial candidate for the largest democracy and you ask Obama for his autograph? Don’t you have the good sense to understand that you are not on a skiing holiday in the Alps and are speaking on behalf of all of India? The India that we want the world to respect.

You did your little jiggly-wiggly act with the US by signing the nuclear deal, but at least it had the fake stamp of energy and lighting up our villages. What will this convey?

It is sad that you cannot even sneak out of the little mess. The strange thing is you probably don’t even think it is a mess. The fact that you went about it so nonchalantly – and they hail you as a great diplomat – shows that you are completely out of tune with the concept of statesmanship and self-esteem. Even the common man and woman know that we do not want to kowtow to these super powers.

We have had enough of this soft-spoken nonsense. I would like to state in no uncertain terms that you, Mr. Prime Minister, have made a huge boo-boo. The people of India are disappointed and angry.

Now it is an autograph. What next? A T-shirt? And if you do have a Blackberry Storm, do you say, “Ah, even Obama uses it?”


  1. self-esteem and Man Mohan?You got to be kidding.I think he gets weak kneed everytime he sees an American president.His sitting posture before Obama was so disgusting.And NDTV was going ga-ga over the 'mutual respect' of these two!!!

  2. isn't it faintly absurd to say that a man is unfit to be the prime minister merely because he asked Obama for his autograph? or was it a satirical post?

    P.S. if the ominous warning on the top of the comments section is anything to go by, i should not be surprised if you delete this comment...

  3. FV,
    Manmohan still hasnt got out of the Bueaucratic hangover, his Boss is still Sonia Gandhi...
    He may be a Gentleman ...he also knows that he has last few days of Prime Minister ship ...might as well collect some autographs ...

    One more Topic , I have been wanting to touch here ...You seem to have attracted a lot of people to this comment box ..who perceive you to be a hardliner supporting talibanis....I guess you should advise them to read at least some old blogs on similar topics, before making sweeping statements ...the old club guys arent commenting any more :)

    Have a Great weekend ...

  4. Anon:

    Oh, TV channels think this fake mutual respect will fool the viewers.


    I did not say he is unfit to be PM because he asked for Obama's autograph but that asking for the autograph was a gesture not befitting the head of government who is representing the nation.

    Btw, your comment was not deleted to make any magnanimous point. The "ominous warning" has been forced upon this blog that had seen a couple of years of a more genteel environment.


    Yup, the babu mentality persists and I'd think he'd be more careful if he wanted a second term.

    Re. being perceived as a Talibani, you said it: it is perception. Even if they read the old stuff they will go with blinkers.

    The old guys...oh, those were the days! Great discussions. Now they've become lazy.

    You have a great weekend too, although I have no idea how to make mine great!

  5. Right now I would like to have Obama's autograph for the 'wonderful' way he ribbed TOI's giddy-with-excitement reporter, Simrat Ghuman.


  6. essbee:

    I have seen worse behaviour by western journalists and our so-called senior anchors. Besides, Obama came across as trying too hard. The woman agrees that our PM is good and he ribs her that she is probably taking some credit for it. Lame. No come-back this. He is bloody supercillious. And I don't even know why this has become newsworthy.

    Will you send me a photocopy of the autograph so I can have some fun with photoart?


    Oops...on my response to Yemeth the sentence should read 'Btw your comment was not deleted not to make any magnanimous point...'

  7. FV, Of course he was contemptuous towards her, but fawning media-people deserve such treatment. The irony is that she didn't even mind his sneering comments and was perhaps feeling 'proud' that she was chosen from a field of 2500 journalists. News reports say she was 'walking in the air' after the Obama magic treatment..

  8. Hmm, you are speaking on her behalf and I find it strange you do not mind his being contemptuous. Anyway, you have a full blog post on it from me now!

  9. Thank you for this,I am distributing it everywhere


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